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試験科目:System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
問題と解答:全1074問 SSCP 合格

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NO.1 One purpose of a security awareness program is to modify:
A. management's approach towards enterprise's security posture
B. employee's attitudes and behaviors towards enterprise's security posture
C. corporate attitudes about safeguarding data
D. attitudes of employees with sensitive data
Answer: B

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NO.2 Why would a memory dump be admissible as evidence in court?
A. Because the state of the memory cannot be used as evidence.
B. Because it is used to demonstrate the truth of the contents.
C. Because of the exclusionary rule.
D. Because it is used to identify the state of the system.
Answer: D


NO.3 What is the name of the third party authority that vouches for the binding between the data
items in a digital certificate?
A. Registration authority
B. Vouching authority
C. Issuing authority
D. Certification authority
Answer: D

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A certification authority (CA) is a third party entity that issues digital
certificates (especially X.509 certificates) and vouches for the binding between the data
items in a certificate. An issuing authority could be considered a correct answer, but not the
best answer, since it is too generic.
Source: SHIREY, Robert W., RFC2828: Internet Security Glossary, may 2000.

NO.4 Which of the following is NOT a fundamental component of an alarm in an intrusion detection
A. Response
B. Sensor
C. Enunciator
D. Communications
Answer: A


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