NO.1 You need to configure power redundancy for a C7000 enclosure. Which tool can you use to
complete this task?
B. HP QneView
C. Insight Display
D. iLO Federation
Answer: C

Running the Insight Display installation steps To identify the enclosure, the rear enclosure UID light
and the background of the Insight Display are illuminated blue when the enclosure is powered on
initially. When the enclosure is powered up for the first time, the Insight Display launches an
installation wizard to guide you through the
configuration process.
The Enclosure Settings screen is the first screen to appear. The background color is blue because
the enclosure UID is active when this screen appears.
Redundant Power Mode-The default setting is AC Redundant. The following selections are valid:
*AC Redundant
*Power Supply Redundant Reference: HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure Setup and Installation Guide

NO.2 Which information is provided by the HP SrnartSSD Wear Gauge utility?
A. Remaining expected lifetime
B. Power consumption
C. Raid level configuration
D. I/O performance statistics
Answer: A
The Smart SSD Wear Gauge report contains information on the current usage level and expected
lifetime remaining of Solid State Drives attached to the system.
Reference: Smart Storage: How to view SDD Wear Gauge Report

NO.3 What is the airflow direction in a C7000 enclosure?
A. Bottom to top
B. Front to back
C. Back to front
D. Side to side
Answer: B

NO.4 Which HP chassis component will be updated automatically if a firmware baseline is not
specified in HP OneView?
A. HP Virtual Connect
B. HP Power Control Module
C. HP server blade System ROM
D. HP Onboard Administrator
Answer: D

If you do not specify a firmware baseline, the Onboard Administrator and iLO modules are updated
automatically to have the minimum firmware versions required to be actively managed by the
Reference: HP OneView 1.0 Support Matrix



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